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Here at we’ve set our sights on setting the record straight on how to protect your wealth during turbulent markets, geopolitical turmoil, and economy uncertainty.
Tim Schmidt

About Us

Read about our founder, Tim Schmidt, and his 13 years of covering alternative investments.  A master of navigating his Self-Directed IRA, he’s been quoted in Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Entrepreneur, and other publications.

Asset Protection for Any Markets

Diversifying your portfolio is important.  Now, more than ever, you need to be invested in asset classes that are NOT correlated to the weakening US Dollar.

Portfolio Diverisification

Read “What is an IRA Rollover” and find out how this tactic can help you invest in other asses classes.

Looking to add gold to your IRA or 401(k)?  Read why I chose Goldco for my transaction.

If you are looking to do a rollover of your retirement savings, read about the best places to do this.

Read my guide on the pro’s and con’s of doing an IRA Rollover vs. a Transfer.







What Our Clients Say

I've followed Tim's online presence via YouTube and he clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to creating a sound, diversified portfolio.

Jim Christianson

I didn't know how easy it was to add gold to my 401k before getting the free guide.  I only wish I found this site sooner.

Howard Davies

I'm not letting inflation ruin my life and evaporate my most important nest egg - my retirement!  I highly recommend the free investor's guide recommended by Net Coalition.

Gwynn Rowlands