• Why to Use a VPN

    Cyber security is a hot-button issue these days. It feels like you are always under attack and warding off threats. Often times it just doesn’t feel very safe on the internet anymore.

    How can you protect yourself and your identity? How can you keep your private information secure? How do you get anonymity online? The answer is through using a VPN.

    Using a VPN

    VPN stands for “virtual private network”. Whenever you go out and use internet in a public place – for instance, an office building, or an airport, or a Starbucks just to name a few – you are connecting to a public network. Having not set up that network yourself privately in your house, who knows what kind of security (or lack thereof) they have.

    A VPN can help you access the internet in confidence. I asked a friend who uses what he calls the best VPN for Canada on why he’s always using one, and he says it’s for the better encryption methods it insures. When logging into a virtual private network, the information you transmit is encrypted and hidden from prying eyes.

    There are other reasons, beyond just cyber security, why you would want to use a network like this. For instance, did you know that Netflix offers different programming lineups depending on where you are? Using a VPN, you can choose from a list of locations and your computer will act as if you are in that geographic region. You can use this network to access all the different programming available to the UK or Canada subscribers if you’re tired of what you’re seeing on your home network.

    Another reason why you may want to use a VPN is to get around censorship and blocking of websites in your area. I remember back when I traveled to China a few years ago, it seemed like every site that I regularly visit was inaccessible. I’m not talking about risque, porn sites, or anything like that.

    When I was using my computer at the hotel, I couldn’t get on Facebook.com or Twitter or other social media properties. Using Google was a task as well, as the results were censored and hardly brought up anything useful.If I had used a VPN back then when I was in Beijing and had full access to all the sites that I visit regularly.

    A VPN Is a Worthwhile Investment

    For around just $5-10 per month, there’s no reason not to take the plunge and sign up for a trusty VPN provider. You can access the internet with more confidence, knowing that your data is encrypted and kept safe. You can make your computer mimic as if it’s coming from any location in the world, opening up new content for you to browse. In addition, you can get past censorship that may be placed on the area in which you are surfing the web. To me, all that adds up to solid reasoning on why you should start using a service such as this.



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