• What is Local SEO?

    I’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately on the recent run of posts I’ve written about SEO topics, like this one here, so this article will serve as another part in that series. In a new topic, today I’m going to talk about what is called “local SEO”.

    SEO for Local Businesses

    I’m fortunate to have a wide net of friends all over who can share their insights into the world of internet marketing, and today a from friend Down Under has offered to provide my readers a glimpse into this area. He is a Brisbane SEO consultant who has handled many clients of all sizes and helped them grow the online visibility and traffic.

    In its simplest terms, “local SEO” is a way to market your business online. It helps connect potential customers with their products or services at precisely the time they are looking for them. For instance, say you live in Fort Lauderdale and have some plumbing that is need of repair. In the old days, you would go to the White Pages and look for a plumber in your area.

    These days, you go where you go for all other information you seek — Google. You’re going to type in a search query along the lines of “Fort Lauderdale plumber” or “plumbing repair Fort Lauderdale” or something like that. From there, you’ll get results with businesses that are in your area.

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    That’s exactly where local SEO comes into play. It’s a way of optimizing your business’s site so that when someone is searching your area for something that you provide, you are the business that they are shown by the search engines. Millions of internet users are utilizing search engines every day to find local businesses that serve their needs, and you want to be the one they see. Beyond just ranking high in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., it can also mean visibility in directory sites like Yelp or Foursquare.

    What are the benefits of having this optimized for your site? There are plenty. For one, it is highly targeted and timely. If someone is performing that plumber search that I mentioned earlier as an example, they probably are only doing so if they NEED a plumber. If they come to your site, there’s great potential that you’re getting a call and some new business right then and there. Local SEO has arguably the highest conversion levels of all types of local advertising.

    Another reason why this is a great strategy for businesses is that it has a great return on investment. Echoing what I said earlier about conversion rates, you are reaching your potential customers at a time when they need you. There is very minimal wasted exposure. It is a very efficient and cost-effective type of marketing.

    In another post for another day, I’ll go into more detail on strategies to get your business ranked higher for local searches. I hope today was a good primer on what this niche of the SEO world entails and perhaps you’ve learned a thing or two.




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