• How Social Media Helps SEO

    When it comes to growing your website or your brand, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the importance of social media when it comes to search engine optimization. In today’s post, I’ll go into detail on why it is so crucial and should be a cornerstone of any online campaign.

    Social Media and SEO

    A friend of mine who an SEO Greenville SC expert and has helped numerous clients over the years build their web presence was kind enough to spend some time with me to provide some tips to share with my readers. While link building is mostly his forte, he has members of his team that are experts on social media and deploys them to really take his clients’ sites to the next level.

    One thing that social media really helps with is getting users to your site through a means other than search engines. While it’s nice to get organic traffic by visitors searching for keywords related to your site, you can’t rely solely on that to bring in readers. Writing engaging, eye-catching updates on your site’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. profiles can bring in people who otherwise wouldn’t be taking a look.


    Once they are on the site, if you have good content that is worth a read, they will stay on your site. One of the factors that search engines reward sites with is how long the average visitor stays on the site, and how many different pages they visit. The more time you keep people on your site, the more you are rewarded. So if your site is good, bringing visitors to your site through social media can help your overall metrics and search engine rankings.

    Another thing that social media is helpful for is by building links through social bookmarking. The search engines take into account the types of links that direct visitors to your site, and having links from powerful domains such as Facebook can only help your cause.

    Aside from the search engine optimization aspect, having a social media presence is just a good idea in general. Everybody these days is glued to their smartphones and seemingly constantly on Facebook and other media. When someone has a question or complaint, these days they are more likely to send a direct message through social media properties than they are to visit the business’s website and look up a contact email or phone number. By having this web presence you are providing another channel for you to communicate with your customers and clients, as well as give them another way to reach you that they perhaps are more comfortable with.

    By expanding your reach, providing links to your site from powerful domains, and giving your visitors another way to be in touch with you, social media is a crucial aspect of any website and should not be overlooked. I’d like to thank my friend for stopping by today to share his insights with my readers and hope that this has been helpful for all you internet marketers. For more on this topic, I previously wrote more about it here.



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