• Outsourcing Your SEO

    There is one important business lesson that has always stuck with me from a mentor. What he told me is to know what your strengths are, and dedicate your time and focus on that, and put more knowledgeable and skilled people in charge of the rest (the stuff you aren’t skilled at). For me, I am very good at writing content, while I’m not particularly skilled at doing the search engine optimization side of things. That’s why for many of my ventures I have outsourced this aspect of the job.

    Why I Outsource My SEO

    I do it for exactly the reason described above – my time is simply better spent on things that I am more skilled at. I actually have a Finnish company handling a lot of my SEO (which they call “hakukoneoptimointi” in their language). These things are better left to individuals or teams that specialize in it and have the time to dedicate to it the way it deserves.

    What kinds of things do I put them in charge of? Basically, everything that happens off-site. They take care of my link building, something that I really don’t have a lot of expertise in. They have huge private blog networks of their own, as well as access to many more sites at a good price, that they can do so much more in terms of getting links to my site than I ever could if I had all the time in the world.

    They also take care of handling my social media presence. I talk about this in a previous post here, but it is one aspect of any online brand that you simply cannot overlook. I let them know what kinds of updates and promotions are going on at my site, and they take care of the rest, writing engaging content that gets people to click on it or at least “Like” it and grow my reach.

    This frees up my time to focus on my core competencies. Once I started offloading the search engine optimization for my sites, I found that I was able to pump out so much more content and that my SEO was doing so much better than before when it was done by my, admittedly, half-hearted efforts. Those two things combined really made my site grow and rise in the search engine rankings like I’ve never seen before.

    There are a ton of companies out there that can provide these services for you, you just need to look for them like I talk about here. Talk to your family, friends, and colleagues and see if they have anyone that they’ve used in the past and would recommend their services. If that fails, just do a quick internet search and you’ll find a lot of companies that are ready to hop on your project. I’ve never looked back since I started contracting this work outside of my team, and I have reached unprecedented levels of success since then. Put this in place and it should work for you, too!



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