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    It’s been a running topic this week, but that’s because I can’t get enough of it and it’s so important to anyone with an online presence. I’m talking about SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. In simple terms, what it means is manipulating the search engines such as Google.com to rank your site higher in the results whenever someone looks for something relevant to your niche.

    This can be done both on-page (on your site itself) and off-page (obtaining links from other websites and social media). I spoke with a friend recently from seocontrol.net who helps people get more Google traffic. He was kind enough to share a few words of wisdom for those looking to grow their online presence.

    Growing Your Site Through SEO

    You can’t just create a site, add a few pages of content, and hope it goes viral. You need to be active in search engine optimization if you want to get ranked higher in the search results. Preferably, you want to be on page one of the results, and the top half of it at that. How often do you click on the second page of results? Practically never. There’s an old saying in the internet marketing community – the second page of Google is where you hide the dead bodies. Nobody ever looks there.


    If you’re not showing up when someone searches for keywords related to your site, you’re not going to be found. You’ll have no visitors. On the other hand, if you are prominently shown for a ton of keywords, you’re going be recognized as an authority in your niche and you will get more clicks.

    There are a number of things that go into being ranked where you are. These are all things that can be manipulated to game the search engines. The first thing is content. You want lots and lots of pages and posts. This provides more URL’s to be indexed and more opportunities for you to have something that Google likes.

    In addition to a lot of content, you want the site to be navigable. That means having a functional website that is well laid-out and organized so the reader can find their way around easily. This can be done through a good structure and organization, using the navigation menu at the top of the page. It can also be done by interlinking your different pages in the content of your writing, like how I link to another post on this site here.

    Those are a couple of things that you can control on-page to help you get ranked higher. Externally from your page, you want other websites to link to you. This signals to the search engines that you are a site worth reading in regards to the topic. The more links you have, the better you will perform. In addition to the quantity of links, you also want quality links. A big, authoritative site linking to you will carry more weight than some simple blog that has no readership.

    I hope this has shed some light on what it takes to get your site more visibility. I know it was very basic, and there is a lot more to explore, but that’s for another day when I have more time to write. Keep tuned for more soon!



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