• Internet Marketing For Beginners

    Following up on a previous post that I wrote, there’s a lot of material to learn if you want to grow your website through internet marketing. Luckily, I have a lot of colleagues who are skilled at just that and have been able to help me get this site off the ground and build my traffic and engagement.

    Another of my friends was able to lend me some time to provide some more tips and I’ll share them with you below.

    Internet Marketing 101

    In the last post, I wrote about this topic, I talked about two main things – content and linking. These are beginner internet marketing ideas that are essential to growing any kind of organic traffic for your website. They cannot be stressed enough.

    If you just write a couple of pages and call it a day, guess what? Nobody is really going to come to your site, and no search engine will reward you with a high place in their results.

    I feel the need to delve a little further into the topic of linking, as I just gave the basics on it the first time around in my previous post. As mentioned, the strength of the site that is linking to you has an impact on how much of a boost it will give you in search engine rankings. In simple terms, if you got a link from a huge site like Wikipedia.com, or ESPN.com, or Google.com, or something like, it’s going to give you a much bigger boost than some mom-and-pop blog linking to you.

    The text used in the link also has importance. If you want to rank your site for something like “dog training”, the text that is clickable (the “anchor text”), should be relevant to that. Vary it up and use things like “dog training”, “how to train your dog”, “puppy training” and other variations so you don’t over-optimize for just one thing (that can lead to you getting penalized by search engines). Think outside the box and find some low-hanging fruit that nobody else is going after and you can rank for easier.

    In addition to using different variants of your keyword, to mix things up a little bit you should use what they call “generic links”. This is using things like “click here”, “on this page”, or “visit this site”. They are links that make your linking campaign look more natural and not look like you’re just stuffing it with keyword-rich anchor text.

    Lastly, you can add in URL links which is when you use the name of the domain as the anchor text. Do you see how I linked to Wikipedia a few paragraphs up this page? That’s what I’m talking about. It’s another way to make your links look more natural.

    I feel like I’ve hardly scratched the surface on the different ways to grow your site, but hopefully, this post and the previous one give you an understanding of some beginner tactics. Stay tuned for more tips in future updates!



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