SEO can be life changing for businesses which are just launching and want a little bit of extra attention online to further their cause. It is also a worthwhile investment which can change the outlook of your website and your entire marketing campaign with minimum effort since you can easily hire a good firm to take over the job.

We sat down with Tim Schmidt, and expert search engine marketer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  He’s been helping us with our digital marketing strategy and is a huge success with all he does online.  He shared some basic strategy with us and excerpts from our talk are below.

internet marketing tree

There are many branches in the tree of web marketing.

Here are the ‘tells’ which can differentiate the good from the bad and the good from the insanely powerful so watch out for these pointers when you are choosing your SEO firm:

  • The firm will want to focus on content which inspires and is inherently creative and original because this is the type of content that search engines respond most to. Original content leads to better ranking and endless new web traffic. You can also personally look up what classifies as good content according to Google standards as your firm may ask you to rewrite some parts.
  • The next step in proper optimization is getting rid of spammed content, copied content, viruses as well as sponsored ads which plague the overall outlook. Of course you may lose revenue by removing PPC ads but it is worth it if you want to be a site which is good enough to be featured in the top most results. Sacrifices need to be made.
  • Your site must be fast. If it takes ages to load because you haven’t invested in a good enough hosting packaging or web host, this will act against you and make you lose web traffic. Once a consumer goes away disappointed they are unlikely to come back and they will also tell others the site is no good. For websites which support e-commerce, this can prove fatal to sales and reputation which is all they have at the end of the day.
  • Freshness of content and new media also goes a long way in showing the website is of high quality and is here to stay. Lower quality sites typically do not update for a long time or use bad font or ill-thought out content. Links which do not work right or are broken also contribute to a bad reputation and spelling errors are also not appreciated by any consumer as they will automatically interpret it as a lack of credibility which you don’t want if you need your business to survive past the first few months.

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